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forces. new zealand becomes the first major city to welcome 2013. time is running out for politicians in the united states to strike a deal to prevent the economy from going over the so- called fiscal cliff. that is when a package of automatic spending cuts and tax rises comes into fact which could set the country back into recession. that less than 20 hours into the generate the first deadline. >> as night descended on washington, no deal precentors went home with a low over 24 hours to go before the huge austerity package known as the fiscal cliff, something almost nobody wants is due to descend on the american economy. >> we will come in at 11:00 tomorrow morning and that further announcements. >> if there's no doubt, the price of failure could be high. the average american, might see their taxes rise by as much as $2,000 a year. as spending cuts take money from the economy, a second american recession becomes a possibility. confidence in america will be shaken. the financial markets may take fright. president obama believes it is time for the wealthiest americans to pay more in ta
in the previous year. one man knows a lot about that subject, new york city's deputy police commissioner, paul brown, who joins us live right now. mr. brown, congratulations. how have you done it? >> thank you, mainly through 35,000 men and women in uniform, but particularly through something called operation at attack where we send as many uniformed police officers as possible into areas where we have seen spikes and violence, particularly shootings. >> that sounds almost like a back to basics campaign. why was the decision taken to go in that direction? >> well, it started with mayor bloomberg and commissioner kelly coming into the office right after 9/11 with a deep downturn in the economy, less tax revenue. we lost 6000 police officers through attrition, we have 6000 fewer now than we had then. that forced us to take a look at how we deploy officers into the city. instead of dividing them up as we usually did into 76 precincts, we focused better on defining exactly where the most violent crimes were happening and putting the biggest number of officers there, the biggest bang for the block.
filled the air above sydney harbour bridge. this city's style is rather different. john yang has held what for help -- it's believed to be the first public new year celebration in north korea. burma has joined the global party. ♪ >> the end of the year would not be complete without the viral pop hit, "gangnam style" being performed with great enthusiasm. while hong kong celebrate with a virtuous so show over victoria harbor. fireworks lit up moscow's red square. in dubai, they filmed the midnight moment under the world's tallest building. the gulf states is eager to take its place among the world's best known venues for the dawn of the new year. >> no happy new year in syria. the situation is as great as ever. the bodies of 30 people found with signs of torture in a suburb of damascus. the international peace negotiator of syria urged to push for peace talks between the government and rebels. the country could become a failed state ruled by warlords. in iraq, a wave of attacks killed nearly 23 people and injured more than 80 as a car bomb in a central baghdad neighborhood killed fiv
. deserted. it feels like a road to nowhere. then we arrived in the middle of the jungle. a city is rising. this is going to be the new capital. this has to be one of the most extraordinary construction projects i have ever seen. i am on the roof of a foreign debt 50 room -- 450 room, 5 star theater that comes to the convention center and carved out of the jungle and 18 hold championship golf course. it is a spectacular vanity project in a country where most people live on barely $1 a day. equatorial, guinea is a dictatorship. his family has been accused of rampant corruption. has hadident's son assets worth 1 million euros seized by the french government. oil and gas are the keys to understanding the regime. editorial beginning -- equity torial guinea life expectancy barely topped 50. public dissent is a dangerous. anger is close to the surface. >> the people are suffering. all the oil money is taken by the president's family. no one can say anything. if you do the secret police would come to arrest you. >> the president gave me a rare interview. he is 70 but in no mood for retirement. >>
. the attacks happened in three separate areas of the biggest city there. the world health organization this week launched a nationwide drive to vaccinate children against the disease. officials say that the campaign has been suspended and that pakistan is only one of three countries in the world where polio is endemic. these appear to have been coordinated attacks. >> i just spoke a short while ago to the pakistani government. while they expressed concern and regret, they were not sure that this was because they were administering polio vaccine and that they were not just accidentally caught up in the violence of the city. the evidence does not support that, police said that this was four shooting incidents where four women were shot dead and injured, it all happened in the space of 20 minutes. it very much seemed like a coordinated attack. in the past the taliban said that they would issued threats against these workers because they feel they are working for western interests, somehow gathering intelligence for foreign spy agencies and perhaps these health workers are somehow administ
out of the city into the suburban areas that are held by the free syrian army. what you can see is a deterioration in the position of the regime and the strain of war as well. will that result in and trying to somehow do a deal? i do not know. but i know that a political deal is the only real choice the syrians have. if they do not get that, they face a long and bloody war. >> today, we have the american and russian foreign ministers meeting with the u.n. envoy to syria at a conference in ireland. russia has been a key player. do you understand whether the russians are getting closer to a western position when it comes to assad's future? >> if they are common their remarks from the meeting did not seem to suggest that they were prepared to go the extra mile or make some kind of deal. the issue is the fact that the u.n. security council is paralyzed. paralyzed over this whole issue of syria. the western countries have one position. russia and china have another. both sides actually need to move. holding on to positions that do not work. and the absence of a security council resol
female health workers killed in different parts of karachi, another in a different city as they tried to vaccinate against polio. police say the -- it is clear these were coordinated attacks. the taliban are in charge of this area, says the mother of one of the victims. they say this polio-polio program was planned by america ftoish off our nation. they shot my daughter in the head. in the 1990's, about 20,000 people and here in pakistan were affected by polio. that came down to just 28 in 2005. but the numbers have risen since then and there is a risk they could rise further. what changed was propaganda from the pot -- the pakistani taliban. bay said the health workers were spies from western agencies and that they would sterilize children. began the program in some areas and workers were beaten out in others. then the militants found another justification for their position. when american -- america try to use a pakistani doctor and a fixed -- fake a vaccination program to get information about the home of bin laden. >> unfortunately, and in advisedly, they employed a health a vacci
in the fighting which erupted in several cities around the country. more advisers have resigned over night. 6 in total since the awarded himself sweeping new powers. the gloves go to cairo for the latest. -- let's go to cairo. there are protestors from both sides in various locations. no clashes at the moment that we are seeing. the republican guards or tanks outside the ballots have issued an ultimatum to call all protesters from either side to leave the area within an hour. another interesting development, the most senior institution in sunni islam has called for the president to withdraw or suspend the controversial new powers that he took. so they have warned the president to diffuse the situation. so it's moving quickly, coming to ahead. >> there was some suggestion yesterday from the vice president that there may be some sort of compromise in store. you have any details on that? >> there is snow evidence what they're going to do or anything they can do politically. he could be finished politically if he withdraws his action. >> what about the suggestion that some mubarak supporters migh
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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